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Accommodation in Lifehouses

More than a place to stay - putting the person and their needs at the centre of housing and support.

Thank you for accepting who I am and I just hope if I’m in trouble again I would be able to come back with open arms.

Breaking the cycle of homelessness is difficult and we constantly seek innovative ways to address this and support people in changing their lives. With more than eighty Lifehouses providing 3,230 beds across the UKI Territory, the Homelessness Services Unit provides a wide range of services to a variety of people.

Each of the services operates a person centred approach with a strong emphasis on resident engagement and involvement in the running of the Lifehouse. We are passionate about ensuring that the individual is the key focus in all that we do, and that we meet their needs at every stage of engagement with them.  These centres are a lifeline where people can address issues around their homelessness and make positive decisions about their future.

A few of our centres offer specialist support with many offering specific education, training and employment programmes, rebuilding lives by equipping the individual with the relevant skills and qualifications to find employment or to gain further external education. 

Our approach is flexible and personal and demonstrates empathy with our residents, allowing them a gradual transition from the chaotic lifestyle of street homelessness. This makes our deliverance unique and highly successful.

We have a number of services specifically aimed at young people. The services are mainly designed to engage with people from aged 16- 25. Many people who have just left prison, have no accommodation or employment and will be placed in our lifehouses where they are given a safe environment to live through our probation services.

Most of our services benefit from having their own on site Chaplain who supports both staff and residents alike. The Chaplaincy programme is unique to The Salvation Army and is most effective where it is as flexible as possible.

We have more than 80 Homelessness Services around the UK and Republic of Ireland, all with our 'more than a place to stay' approach to support work. This ultimately means that we provide services that are more than just a housing solution, and we work to provide a whole range of support services to our residents.