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Assessment of need

Acting as a bridge between people who are experiencing homelessness and the help they need.

For the first time in many years I am starting to feel well and settled.

We work with councils and local providers to cater to the immediate needs of people affected by homelessness, signposting other services they can access. We act as a bridge between vulnerable adults and the help they need by taking time to listen. 

A number of our lifehouses are part of or manage a gateway project. ‘Gateways’ are usually a single point of access for all people who are homeless within one geographical area. More and more lifehouses are unable to operate a ‘direct access’ approach where people can turn up at the door and be offered accommodation. Most lifehouses are restricted by local authority regulations.

Two examples of gateway projects are Coventry and Cardiff. Run by The Salvation Army, both projects operate with a strategic multi-agency approach that gives individuals quick and easy access to the appropriate services and accommodation.

People have their needs assessed before they are referred to a the appropriate agencies. During the assessment process, people will be given a degree of choice in where they are referred.