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Our care homes

The Salvation Army has 12 residential care homes and adult day centre across the United Kingdom and Ireland. In our view, later life should be a rich and fulfilling time. It should not be a time when people give up their active lives – on the contrary, it should offer new activity, new experiences and, very importantly, new friendships.

We recognise that every resident is going to have different needs and wishes. That is why we adapt the care we provide to the needs of individual residents. We also encourage them, as far as possible to make their own choices about the way they live their daily lives. Everything we do in our care homes is driven by the needs, abilities and wishes of our residents. When a new resident comes into a home, we work with them, and with their family, friend or representative, to draw up a care plan suited to their own individual needs. The plan will set out a number of personal objectives that the resident wants to achieve and explain what we will do to make it possible. The plan will then be monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure that the resident is enjoying the best possible quality of life.

We give our residents the opportunity to widen their range of interests – to do new things, to see new places and generally to enrich their lives. Every Salvation Army care home has a varied programme of activities, from keep fit sessions, to art and craft classes, to musical evenings, to visits to local historic homes and gardens, which residents can join in if they wish. Our homes provide constant, round the clock care for all the older people in our care. Our staff are fully trained to give our residents all the care they will need – and this includes not just physical care, but emotional and spiritual support.