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Claire is a Salvation Army minister and current leader of our Brighouse church. Her Leap of Faith is no walk in the park!

Although God can do miracles we have to do something about it, too!"

"While I was still training to be a minister in London, I got the crazy idea in my head that I should enter the ballot for the London Marathon… on the hope I’d never make it in!

"I moved away from London to my first ministerial appointment at Brighouse and forgot about it... until the confirmation letter and magazine dropped through the door. By this point my fitness levels were dropping as quickly as my cake consumption levels were increasing. After a lot of deliberation – realising that although God can do miracles we have to do something about it, too – I decided to postpone my place until this year.

"In October I visited minister friends in Georgia – the visit coincided with the Tbilisi Half Marathon that Major Gillian Jackson was avidly training for. Gillian asked if I’d like to join her and, in my usual 'say yes and then do something about it' attitude, I agreed.

"With excessive training – of three runs, the first of my life – under my belt, I set off for Georgia. The day after I arrived I competed in the Tbilisi Half Marathon – joyously, I was the 55th fastest woman to complete it... out of a massive 57!

"So, here we are now, with less than three months to go, but having learnt my lesson from Georgia. I’ve been avidly training in sun, in rain, in hail. Yorkshire is very hilly and I don’t do hills, so my training route has been a canal path, which was going really well until floods caused a bridge to collapse and I couldn’t get very far on my route. I can usually be seen pacing up and down the same couple of miles, much to the bemusement of dog-walkers and dogs alike!

"For my leap of faith, I will be raising funds for The Salvation Army’s Anti-Human Trafficking Work and Brighouse Salvation Army church, hoping that the money I raise will help shine a light in someone’s darkness."

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