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Community hubs

The Salvation Army has developed community–based support through ‘Modern Slavery Hubs’ which provide survivors of modern slavery with a link to their local community and signposting to the range of available support they may need.

The programme aims to mitigate the effects of the potential ‘cliff edge’ experienced by victims and survivors who were previously supported through the Government contract whilst in the National Referral Mechanism (NRM). It focuses on supporting people who are approaching the end of their time within the NRM and those who are moving on imminently, as well as people who are now living independently but with limited support.

This gives survivors continuity of support as they move towards recovery and independence even when there is no provision for statutory support.

The establishment of the first pilot sites of the ‘Modern Slavery Hubs’ programme was made possible through the reinvestment of Salvation Army funds by joint agreement with the Home Office.