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Crossroads Lifehouse

Crossroads Lifehouse provides specialist accommodation for young people at risk of street homelessness. On-site support is provided to access employment, training and education. The scheme is made up of four direct access rooms, plus a further seven self-contained one bedroom flats. The landlord, St Vincent's Housing, is currently investing heavily in Crossroads; updating the central heating system, and reconfiguring the layout and access to the building.

Staff have worked hard to improve the relationships with local residents and the wider community. A multi-agency advisory group made up of Supporting People, Hyndburn Borough Council, including local councillors, other stakeholder agencies, local residents, plus client representation has been created. They are working through an action plan designed to integrate the residents in the community and reduce the potential for any anti-social behaviour issues or negative impacts on the local community, as young people are supported to make positive change in their behaviour.

A resident's view

''The reason that I decided to move into Crossroads was because I was living on the streets and I had nowhere to live.

Crossroads have helped me with a lot of things like help me sort out my debts and they have also helped me to get help with my aspergers and dyspraxia by getting someone in that I could talk to.

Crossroads have helped to build my confidence by doing days out and things like that Another thing that Crossroads have helped me to do is to make me feel safe and also helped me to (Find places to live and helped me with my benefits. When I was on job seekers they stopped my money for six weeks and Crossroads helped me to resolve that situation. They helped me get into college as I want to go to university to study media. I made a film about depression while living at Crossroads called The Breakdown." 

A resident's view

"I moved to Crossroads when I was 16, I found myself homeless and about to start college, without Crossroads I would have had to give up further education and find a full time job to try and financially support myself. At the end of my first year at college I felt stable enough to move into a house with a friend, unfortunately half way through my 3rd year at college I found myself once again homeless and moved back into Crossroads, allowing me to gain vital work experience, a major contribution to getting into university. I was fortunate enough to gain a place at the royal veterinary college on the gateway veterinary course, which I start in September. None of this would have been possible without the continued support from Crossroads."