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David Gray House

David Gray Lifehouse is The Salvation Army's only probation accommodation within the Territory. Located in Douglas on the Isle of Man, it provides accommodation for up to nine residents, males and females who have been in the criminal justice system or are awaiting trial. David Gray House is committed to assisting in the rehabilitation and care of offenders by providing accommodation to those who would benefit from enhanced supervision and/or a secure and supported environment. In partnership with the Isle of Man Prison and Probation Service, the aim is to offer the courts and their users an efficient and structured referral process, supported by comprehensive assessment. Although the accommodation is very old and becoming unfit for purpose, the support given by staff is of the utmost quality and held in the highest regard by the Isle of Man government.

David Gray staff are looking forward to starting a small scale Recycles Bike project with their clients. They have joint use of a small house as a workshop, and a donation from Manx telecom has already been used to purchase tools. In the last few months, a member of staff has visited The Salvation Army's Swindon Recycles Project to gain ideas of the full potential and benefits to clients.