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From the editor's desk 27 October

The War Cry comments on underrepresentation 

Positively connecting with others is important for us all

SOME might say that bringing up a severely disabled child is no laughing matter. But in this week’s War Cry, we take a look at the BBC Four comedy There She Goes. It centres on the family of a disabled girl and is written by Shaun Pye, whose own daughter has a chromosomal disorder.

The programme stars David Tennant. He says he was drawn to the series because of its focus on disability and family life and the people he describes as being ‘under-represented’.

There is another group of people who are under-represented in our TV dramas – ordinary people of faith. While there are programmes where the lead character is a vicar or priest, other series seldom have a character who happens to be a churchgoer. And religions other than Christianity are equally under-represented.

That is why Fiona Veitch Smith’s murder mystery books are such a refreshing change. Her stories’ principal character, Poppy Denby, is a journalist who also happens to be a Christian. As Fiona explains in her interview in this week’s War Cry, this allows her to explore Christian themes within her books.

She depicts Poppy developing her faith as she works through issues that challenge her beliefs. It adds an extra dimension to the stories and reflects the way Christians in the real world sometimes have to wrestle with difficult situations.

One tricky issue that some Christians will be considering this coming week is Hallowe’en. It is a festival that many people see as ‘a bit of fun’ – an opportunity to dress up in a spooky costume. But others have concerns about its link to the occult. However, Church of England vicar Ben Atkins has another point of view which we include this week, along with his personal story describing how he went from satanic worship to faith in Jesus Christ.

Ben believes that Hallowe’en gives us the opportunity to connect with other people, as God designed us to do.

He is right – positively connecting with others is important for us all, whoever we may be.

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