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Allowing you to focus on other essential tasks of your business while we source the staff you need and provide on going staff support to ensure sustainability.

People arrive as early as 8.20am but our appointments don’t start until 9am, so we must be doing something right!

We can help you with your employment needs:

  • A free recruitment service with dedicated professional support
  • Our Employment Development Coordinators work with you to deliver candidates whose skills and personality are screened and matched to meet your staffing requirements
  • Ongoing high level support to help our participants remain successfully employed including assistance with induction and in-work training along with in-work support.
  • A modern approach providing candidates with one-to-one mentoring, confidence-building programmes, skills assessment and life skills coaching
  • The Salvation Army has a proven track record of delivering employment services in the UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand for more than 20 years

The Salvation Army Employment Plus works with jobseekers to ensure they are fully prepared for the workplace before matching them with a job which suits their skills and personality. After this our team continues to support them and you as they settle into employment.  In work support benefits both the employer and the employee to ensure there is sustained employment 

Our service is praised by partners and participants for reliability, adaptability and exceptional service delivery. 

“I have worked with lots of different employment agencies but the service I get from The Salvation Army stands out. They take the time to understand exactly what I am looking for."

"I can
rely on The Salvation Army to only send me people who they are confident are suitable."

"They always introduce candidates personally, call me back after a half-day trial to check whether I want to continue and provide ongoing back up.
I can get on with my job safe in the knowledge that they’ll sort out any issues that arise after someone has started working with us.”

The Salvation Army Employment Plus has supported around 22,000 people into work, training and volunteering in the UK since 2006.  We opened the UK’s first ever labour exchange in the 1890s, giving us 145 years experience of supporting people to find suitable employment. We are ideally placed and have the specific expertise to support people who most need help in finding and sustaining employment. The Salvation Army offers traditional values of integrity, justice, compassion, respect and commitment.