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"Thank you for giving me this opportunity"

We strongly believe in offering our support to help people find work and stay in work, and as such, we continue to be involved with the government’s Work Programme scheme.

I am much more confident... I love the company and the feeling of doing something worthwhile.


She completed a four-week mandatory work placement at one of our shops in July 2013. She stayed on and volunteered five days per week often travelling to other stores within her manager’s cluster. Jacqueline stayed on to volunteer as she loved the atmosphere in the shop and was made to feel welcome and valued. The more time Jacqueline spent in the shop, the more she found out about what The Salvation Army does and she knew wanted a career with the company. In July 2014 Jacqueline was interviewed for a sales assistant job in Cumbernauld and was successful in securing the position.


When Linda first heard about being placed with the Salvation Army Trading Company, she had her doubts. However she started a four-week work placement at the end of March 2012 in one of our shops. Linda worked four days per week and was never absent. After meeting everyone, receiving positive feedback from her managers about her abilities, along with lots of compliments from the other volunteers, Linda stayed beyond the four-week placement and began volunteering in the shop Monday to Friday. Linda commented a year later: “Unbelievable that it has been almost a year since I completed the course with JHP. I enjoyed the course and was made to feel so welcome in the shop. I am much more confident, love the company and the feeling of doing something worthwhile.”


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Building confidence

Guidance and support with benefit queries and support to identify the barriers to work 


I first started with the Salvation Army three years ago. I started through a work programme called JHP for four weeks, where I had to do 30 hours a week. After two weeks I began to really enjoy it, as I have previous experience working in retail stores. When my four weeks was up, I stayed on as a volunteer doing 25/30hrs per week, then when the company opened a new store in Newington, I moved there to continue my voluntary work. After being a volunteer for just over a year, I got a part-time job for 21hrs. I fitted in very well with the team and I have a good knowledge of the product and our customer’s needs.

I feel I have built up a good, friendly approach with the customers. At present I am still part-time and looking ahead to go up the ladder in the future. Thank you to the Salvation Army for having me and giving me this opportunity… I’m still enjoying my work.



Bushra started in one of our Glasgow shops through a four-week mandatory work placement three years ago. Since then Bushra has volunteered in the shop every week, usually giving us 30hrs of her time. As she is originally from Pakistan and recently moved over to Glasgow, she had little experience and lacked confidence. She feels that the mandatory work placement helped her meet new people, gain new skills and brought a huge lift in her confidence. Due to this she has since found part-time, paid employment with another company, and is soon to be trained as a volunteer key holder at the SATCoL charity shop.


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