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Family Finders

The work of our Family Tracing Service was captured in BBC One documentary 'Family Finders'

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BBC One programme 'Family Finders'  was a 15-part series with some episodes following the staff from our Family Tracing Service as they tried to reunite long lost family members of their clients. It also featured the moving reunions of family members as they are brought back together again for the first time in many years. 

Through the episodes, we met sisters Kathleen and Violet who hadn't seen one another for 72 years before they were reunited by the Family Tracing Service. Violet travelled from Australia to meet up with her sister who lived in Lincoln. 

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Viewers were introduced to brother and sister Mary, from Huddersfield, and Lennie, from London, who had not spoken in 30 years. Mary thought about Lennie a lot during that time and it was her daughter who encouraged her to finally begin her search.  

Rebecca Taylor enlisted the help of the Tracing Service to find her long-lost father who she had not seen since she was 10 years old. 

Other episodes followed the lives of long lost family members.

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