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Government proposals for Alcohol Strategy

Re: Government proposals for Alcohol Strategy, including minimum alcohol pricing

A spokesperson for The Salvation Army said

‘The Salvation Army warmly welcomes the Alcohol Strategy and the range of measures it proposes to tackle harmful and hazardous drinking, including a minimum price for each unit of alcohol sold. Every day we see the consequences of excess alcohol consumption on the physical and mental health, careers, relationships and family lives of those we help. Many with alcohol problems have often exhausted the kindness of family and friends, and have lost contact with their own children.

‘We are disappointed that the proposed price of 40p will only make a small dent in the problem. Alcohol has become cheaper, stronger and more easily available – and the damage to our society has increased. For The Salvation Army, anything less than 50p a unit will be a missed opportunity to protect vulnerable lives and we urge the Government to consult fully and not lose this chance to tackle the inter-generational misery caused by the over-consumption of alcohol.

‘Minimum alcohol pricing is one measure to tackle harmful and hazardous drinking and we offer the Government our support and expertise in seeking to address this problem. The Salvation Army will do all we can to provide, through our community and residential centres, support and help to those whose drinking detrimentally affects their daily lives and help to minimise the damage that over indulgence of alcohol produces in our society.’

No one is beyond hope. The Salvation Army is committed to offering help and support to individuals who want to overcome addictions and substance misuse.