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Granby Centre

I’m so grateful to The Salvation Army. You've given me back my family and my life.

Margaret Doyle has been the appointed Centre Manager in the Granby Centre since August 2009. Throughout the Mental Health, STA and LTSH programmes within the Granby, staff help residents to regain their self-confidence and equip themselves with the skills they need to live an independent life. Extensive training programmes are offered focussing on life skills and resettlement, and residents are encouraged to enrol in vocational training that will help them find a job. One of the highlights of 2013 was the Granby Centre four-day break to a village in Tramore, County Waterford. Four staff accompanied 12 residents as they visited an activity park, went horse riding and visited the beach. The residents returned with renewed energy and self-confidence, and with a new determination to get their lives back on track.

David’s story:

When he came through the doors of the Granby Centre, David was clearly in need of support. After living rough for so long, he had lost his social skills and his ability to get on with other people. But at Granby he found a warm welcome. The Staff there treated him with respect. They helped him clean himself up and gave him new clothes to wear. They gave him a room and a bed to sleep in. they also supported him to regain the skills he had lost. David was difficult to live with at first. Even simple everyday things like living indoors and sleeping in a bed seemed strange and made him anxious at first. But gradually he adapted to the new environment – and eventually he was ready to move into one of the apartments where he could have more privacy and independence.

For years he had been estranged from his family, but the staff at the Granby Centre encouraged him to make contact with them. His relatives were amazed and delighted at how much he had changed his way of life and soon the old quarrels were forgiven and forgotten. Now David has moved away from Dublin to be closer to his family.

David’s view:

“I’m so grateful to The Salvation Army. You’ve given me back my family and my life.”