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Greenford's Leader Relishes Encore Torch Experience

The leader of Greenford Salvation Army is looking forward to her second Torch Relay experience when the famed emblem makes its way through her area tomorrow (24th July) from 4:30pm.

Envoy Kath Davison and members of her church will be distributing copies of The War Cry on Kensington Road, Greenford is the torch makes its way to Uxbridge.

“When we were on holiday in Morecambe the torch went right past our holiday hotel,” says Envoy Kath. “We had a chance to see it go by. It was a great occasion. Many people were there to celebrate and we took many photos even though it was pouring with rain!”

“When I heard the torch was going to pass near our church, I thought we must do something to have a Salvation Army presence there. The Torch Relay is a great opportunity for us to meet people, which we love to do.”

When it comes to engaging with its community, Greenford Salvation Army’s is doing a lot. Its weekly programme incorporates a range of activities and social events alongside Sunday worship, that involve it going beyond the confines of its church building.

“We think it is important to be out and about sharing the love of Jesus with the community,” says Envoy Kath, something she knows all about having spent several years as an officer before family health issues forced her to resign in the early 1970s.

“I had been volunteering at Greenford Salvation Army for a number of years while in secular employment. When I retired, I saw that there was an opportunity to offer more time to it, so I have and been doing so ever since.”

Envoy Kath will be among a group of Greenford Salvation Army faithful on the Relay route from around 4.30pm on Kensington Road, Greenford.

Greenford Salvation Army hosts a full programme during the week, to which all are welcome to attend.  Visit their corps website for more details.