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Help to find the right job

Through work experience, tasters and placements and volunteering.

In our experience, gaining quality work experience after a period of long-term unemployment can also be an important part of helping people back into the workforce, particularly if they don’t have much experience on their CV.

However, it is important that people on long-term benefits, who ‘test’ themselves in the workplace, are able to gain work experience without any threat of losing benefits or having to start the process again. Moreover, we believe employers need to actively take on the responsibility of making any short-term placement a truly valuable experience for the person looking for work experience and new skills.

Every person has worth, irrespective of what they can offer society, and it is our desire to help all who are willing to work, regardless of their starting point. For some, the route to employment can be a long one, with several milestones on the way.

Those involved in placements at The Salvation Army are more than likely helping others, which can be a powerful transformative experience, building self-esteem as they receive and give to others. Anyone who comes to The Salvation Army will receive assistance based solely on their need and our capacity to provide help. We respect and value the rich diversity of our staff, volunteers and all people in the communities in which we serve.

We know many people have secured permanent employment subsequent to their placement with us. They have said that the time they spent on placement with us contributed greatly to their job-seeking experience and credentials, some have become part of our church community and volunteered as a result.