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Help us to always be there

The Salvation Army is always a friend to people who are in great need.

We offer support and advice to people who are homeless, food and practical help to people who are hungry, companionship to those who are lonely, and a safe refuge for victims of abuse. 

We were a friend to Danny

Danny has been homeless, on and off, for 30 years, due largely to the abuse he suffered as a child. It affected him so badly that, all his life, he has gone through phases of not wanting any contact with other people.

Danny was sleeping rough on the streets when he discovered a Salvation Army drop-in centre for homeless people. At the time, he remembers, ‘I was feeling pretty low. I even thought of ending it all.’

But he was overwhelmed by the friendship he received from our staff and volunteers. Thanks to our encouragement, Danny has now come in off the streets and is living at one of our Lifehouses (centres for homeless people).

Now Danny is starting to trust other people. He’s joining in the activities at the Lifehouse. He has also started a training course to help him get a job. He knows he still has a long way to go – but he’s determined to build a new life.

Our work never stops

We’re working every day in communities up and down the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland to support people like Danny. We need your regular support to ensure that we’re always ready to help when people are in greatest need. 

Your regular gifts can assist us in so many ways – for example, by helping to keep our community centres open all over the UK so that The Salvation Army can be a refuge and a beacon of hope for everyone and anyone who needs us. Your support will allow our expert staff and volunteers to do this good work 365 days of the year.

What’s more, pledging a regular gift does not commit you if your circumstances change, because you are free to alter or cancel your Direct Debit at any time you want.

A regular Direct Debit of:

  • £2 a month could contribute towards a welcome pack for a homeless person in one of our residential centres (Lifehouses).
  • £5 a month could pay for a lonely older person to enjoy lunch and friendship at one of our centres.
  • £10 a month could provide an hour of one-to-one support work for a homeless person in one of our centres.
  • £15 a month could help run a weekly parent-and-toddler group where disadvantaged children can play in safety.

If enough people are prepared to support us with a Direct Debit, it will mean that we can look to the year ahead knowing that we will have the funds to carry on our work.

To many, your support will be priceless, so please set up a regular gift today.



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