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I love the awareness being created to warn potential victims

The Salvation Army International Development UK is an umbrella term for the community development work that The Salvation Army United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland supports around the world. This work is divided into six themes, four of which sit within the International Projects Office (Clean Water,  Emergency ResponseFood Security and Income Generation), and two of which sit within Anti-Trafficking & Modern Slavery (Anti-Trafficking and Gender Justice). We are also responsible for overseeing the transfer of funds for the UK’s Mission Support Allocation (money donated through the annual Self-Denial Appeal).

On this page, you will find information about our Anti-Trafficking theme, stories from our projects and resources (coming soon) to help you raise funds and awareness about this issue within your community.

Godwin's Story

My name is Godwin and I was a victim of human trafficking.

I was promised a trip to Europe but found myself in South Africa.

My traffickers threatened me to join their business of drug trafficking; I had no choice other than to join them. After many years, God helped me to return home to Nigeria.

If I had the opportunity to hear about the dangers of human trafficking before travelling, I may not have fallen victim to the crime. I am now committed to providing good counselling to young people who come to me saying they have offers to travel on an all-expense paid trips to Europe. I help people to think of what they will have to pay back - as nothing is for free. Some people are totally ignorant of the types of exploitation and their possible intensities of wickedness. So I take it as a responsibility to educate and discourage them from making decisions out of the sheer excitement of escaping poverty in Nigeria.

Through the education I received from The Salvation Army, I feel empowered to guide the young people properly, encouraging them to verify well before embarking on any journey as I was once a victim. I even refer these young people to organisations that will assist them with the verification.

“Many more people need to be warned about human trafficking! Keep up the good work Salvation Army!”

Other Anti-Trafficking Projects

The Salvation Army is supporting a number of anti-trafficking projects around the world such as skills training for vulnerable young people in Ukraine, children’s recovery centres in Malawi and Tanzania, and awareness raising in Russia. Contact us if you would like to find out more.


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