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Laura's story

Laura, 25, was facing the biggest battle of her life, her drug addiction. Distraught and desperate to beat her addiction, she turned to us for help.

‘The Salvation Army are the caring family I’d never had. I owe you my life’ Laura

Laura is one of the people who really need our help – and yours – this Easter.

She got into bad company when she was very young and vulnerable. One of her ‘friends’ abused her sexually and introduced her to drugs when she was barely in her teens. When she was only 15 she had to be rushed into hospital, dangerously ill, after overdosing on cocaine.

When Laura was 19, she gave birth to a baby boy who, tragically, was born an addict because Laura had so many drugs in her system. Thankfully, Laura’s sister was able to adopt the young boy.

Laura speaking to female officer - Easter 2019

Laura was referred to a Salvation Army detox centre, one of the many services we offer to people in need

A day after arriving, Laura had a seizure, caused by drugs that she had smuggled into the centre with her, and nearly died.

The Salvation Army refused to abandon Laura, and offered her all the help she needed to break her addiction. At the centre, she’s been able to open up to her support worker Janet and talk, not just about her addiction, but also her troubled childhood and teenage years.

We offer help and support when people are at their lowest ebb. It wasn’t just the specialist treatment that helped her come off drugs, it was the constant moral support we gave her.

Laura is only one among many suffering people who desperately need our help this Easter

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The case study reflects the true stories of people that we help every day. The name has been changed and a model used in the photograph to protect the privacy of the people concerned.