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Local support for jobseekers

We provide information and guidance on the journey into employment in a supportive environment.

‘Work for All’ was a cornerstone of our founder William Booth’s social programme. Even today, independent evidence demonstrates that good, worthwhile work is important to physical, mental and spiritual health. The Salvation Army’s belief that every individual is important to God calls us to help people discover their self-worth through work. Employment can improve self-confidence and contribute to personal, family and community welfare.

As a leading provider within the voluntary sector we provide a bridge between people affected by unemployment and the local labour market.

Employment Plus Local is a church-led initiative providing a local centre where people experiencing unemployment can find information and guidance on their journey into employment within a supportive environment. Attending an E+ Local is entirely voluntary and the service is available to any person who is looking for work. People may attend / join at any time when the E+ Local is open.

Activities at an E+ Local deliver back-to-work support and provide computers and internet facilities to assist job searches and the Government’s digital inclusion strategy. Local Salvation Army churches and community centres seek to serve the community in which they are based. When people come through our doors asking for help with issues such as unemployment, we feel we need to do something about it. Employment Plus Local is testament to our desire to give people in need time, support and compassion.