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The Lodge provides a home

Former resident ‘Ibrahim’, arrived at the Lodge aged 16. Now 23 and at university, he is living in his own flat. 

I know it is a place I can always rely on, I will always feel safe there. It’s a place of comfort

He explained: “I lived in Springfield Lodge for two years after a family breakdown when I was 15. They gave me the support that I needed when I was a teenager to go back and study, get some qualifications and start on a career. I know it is a place I can always rely on, I will always feel safe there. It’s a place of comfort.”

Summer (18) comes from a broken home, having been kicked out by their parents. She feels like Springfield Lodge is her second chance at life and has been offered a fresh start. Springfield Lodge "feels like home."

She attends weekly Life Skills courses, including Cooking Life Skills, which lead to recognised qualifications and ultimately employment.  

Looking after residents is second nature to the staff, as Helen explains….

“At Springfield Lodge, much of my job focuses on communication – helping young people learn to express themselves and communicate effectively, as well as building trust and relationships.

There is no ‘typical day’. I could be in our Bare Beats Studio – that's our onsite music studio open to residents and the community - listening to great music in the making or being available to a young person who has had a bad day and is lashing out because they can’t communicate why it’s a bad day.

Probation Services

Housing, placements and support

I had never planned to work with young people, but now I’m here, you’d have to drag me away to stop me!

Young people are so inspiring – they have more of their lives in front of them than behind them, so are willing to reach for something once they realise their potential. Their homelessness is not entrenched – they can break free and rebuild their lives.

What I love about The Salvation Army is that, as an organisation, we really care about people. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect but we walk the walk and do our best to make a difference”