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We were made to be courageous

Authored on 26-08-2015 

What does it mean to be courageous?

The song courageous was written by a band called Casting Crowns. The opening line to the song is “We were made to be courageous”. We were made by God to have the courage to stand up and fight against evil.

To be courageous means to be brave or have courage.

Being courageous doesn’t mean to be reckless and fearless but to be strong for your loved ones and stand for what is right. To be courageous in your faith means for you to stand for Christ. Some other words from the song say “Seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God”.

God placed men and women on this earth to more than just survive but to thrive.

Sometimes we forget what it means to be courageous and can steer off the path of courage. While you listen to this song, take in the words and have a think about what it means for Men in this day to be courageous. Think about how being a man of courage can ‘Make a Difference’ in the world of today. Standing up for what is right and standing against evil.

The love of God gives us the courage to love and do what is right.

Be courageous 

Authored on 21-04-2015 14:27:31

'You have mouthfuls of church, but I can’t even smell Christ on your breath'
                                                                                                       - David Bowden

It is too easy for us to become complacent and comfortable in turning up to church on a Sunday and take in the sermons, yet just going home afterward and leaving it all behind until the next Sunday. We must remember that God is not someone we put into a box and only open up for Sundays. Most people and especially men can sit in church and eat and swallow whole the word of the pastor and the written word of God but we forget to digest and chew. We forget to take time to process what we hear and let it inspire us to do more and fill us up as Christians.

In the Church, and especially in The Salvation Army as men of faith, we can go to church because we may have responsibilities or we do it as we believe that we have to go as it is the Christian way. We must search to find a passion and love for worshipping and praising God. We must look to find inspiration and interest in the message so that we can digest and chew the gospel.

We need to be hungry for God.

Our faith must be a sign that we are confident in showing the world the love of God. It must show people in your everyday lives that you follow a God who is caring and forgiving.

Christianity can’t just be a day in your life, but the way in your life. Don’t leave your faith behind when you go to work on a Monday morning, but take it with you as a sign that God is love.

See above a video from David Bowden. He talks about the Church and how we eat up all the information and stories of the gospel but we don’t chew and take time to digest the good news.

WATCH: A poem about the spiritual discipline of Meditation by David Bowden