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My church family

Marilyn, 62, has cerebral palsy and is deaf. Each year she attends The Salvation Army’s SAFE School of Arts.

We tried to support her in any way we could.

SAFE School of Arts is a Christian summer school for people with special needs. The week offers workshops in music, drama, dance, craft and sport and ends with a final festival of worship for friends and family, showcasing what the school has achieved together throughout the week.

Marilyn is looking forward to this year’s school already.

“I can’t wait!” she said. “Me and my friend Elizabeth are entering the talent night. We don’t know what we are going to do yet!”

Marilyn met Salvation Army church leaders Majors Stephen and Bernie back in 2004 while they were selling The Salvation Army’s weekly paper The War Cry (link) on the streets in Salisbury.

Marilyn was invited to her local Salvation Army in Salisbury (link) and welcomed into the church family. “We tried to support her in any way we could,” said Major Stephen. “We visited her, gave her advice, supported her with reading and writing and helped her apply for a hearing dog.”

“I am so thankful to Majors Stephen and Bernie,” said Marilyn. “They helped me so much, especially with my reading and writing.”

Marilyn attends The Salvation Army every week for Sunday worship and Bible study. She also helps with parent and toddlers and Sunday School. When asked what her favourite part of The Salvation Army is, Marilyn said: “I like the Sunday services. They inspire me.”

Ten years ago Marilyn became a member of The Salvation Army. “It was obvious she had a faith,” said Major Stephen. “We adapted the course material we use when people want to explore church membership so she could understand the basics.”

SAFE School of Arts


Support and practical help for people with special needs and the people who support them