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Men and our church

Many people may think that Adult and Family Ministries is mainly aimed at women… This isn’t true! 

We are bringing back the enthusiasm into Men’s ministries and encouraging more guys to be together mid-week in The Salvation Army. We fully believe that bringing guys together to hang out is all about making new friendships and helping the community of men to grow.

Men’s Ministries groups are vastly growing; anything from Dads and Lads nights to Men’s Cell groups and sports groups. Adult and Family Ministries are aiming to produce more materials to help men’s groups to reach their full potential and to have fantastic and successful groups running every week.

A small resource for the Men’s Ministries programme is the Epilogues for Men’s Fellowships book. This small book is part of the Square Book Series which can be bought from us. 

Inspire 5

The latest addition to the Men’s Ministries programme is the brand new edition of Inspire 5 which is aimed at just the men’s groups. (See how thoughtful we are!) This book is full of tips, tricks and ideas for setting up, improving or trying something different in men’s ministry groups in The Salvation Army.

Available now

Available now in the Men’s Ministries programme is the Make A Difference Man (MAD MAN) resource. This series of 6 sessions will show men and their groups how they can make a difference in their own lives, the lives of those around them and the different lives in their communities. This resource will look to making the most out of group discussions and helping men to understand the answer to the question ‘How can I make a difference?’ 

To order this resource please contact

Competition Time!

Adult and Family Ministries are asking men to send in ideas or tips and tricks for men’s groups. This is a fantastic opportunity to be creative and these (hopefully fantastic) ideas will be judged. The best ones may feature online on our website and social media platforms as ideas for other groups to be able to use and also receive a MAD MEN gift.

Please send your name and Men's Ministry idea to If you are a winner then we will contact you letting you know of your success!

For further information please contact Men’s Ministry Resources Officer Major Tim Johnson: