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New Direction Lifehouse

It has been great to have the ongoing support from the centre...

A residents view

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and centre at New Directions for the support and help over the last year. 

I became homeless last May due to circumstance beyond my control and was unaware of the support and help of agencies like yourself, especially for the over 25's, as this seems to be the only centre in this part of Essex.

I came to the centre with a broad skill set and experience of shared living. Others with no experience of this were given a lot of support from the staff, which was very encouraging to see as no-one seem to be left out.

I was happy to help out with some of the decorating and minor repairs along with helping others with their cooking skills. If funding volunteers could be found I think that help for residents in these areas would assist them greatly when they get their move on flat.

It has been great to have the ongoing support from the centre after receiving my flat, from simple things like advice on local amenities to use of the phones, i.e. contacting the electric company over a fault with my meter - having no land-line for which the calls are free, the 20 or so minute call would have been near impossible.

Once again I’m grateful that centres like this exist and the work that they do, as I’m not sure what or where I would be now."