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Officer training

If you feel called to train as a Salvation Army officer, you must first be a soldier (member) over the age of 18, serving in a Salvation Army corps and fully committed to the Army's aims and purposes.

To be considered for officer training you must:

  • Have a clear calling from God
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a soldier with The Salvation Army
  • Have the support of your corps officer and divisional leaders
  • Be in good health
  • Have only serviceable debt
  • Be able to meet the requirements of the screening and selection process
  • Be able to serve anywhere in the UK Territory
  • Be able to complete the required officer training

The Diploma of Higher Education in Salvation Army Officer Training (validated by the University of Gloucestershire) forms the core of the officer training programme, which aims to develop Christian leaders of integrity. Alongside academic study, cadets undertake placements and personal initiative projects in the community, including hands-on involvement in local hospitals, prisons and social centres. Most importantly, the programme centres on the spiritual growth and leadership development of each person..

Due to the specific and vocational nature of the programme, no arrangements exist for direct student transfer. Accreditation for prior learning and experience are available to successful applicants in accordance with academic regulations.

Cadets usually undertake a two-year course: year one at certificate level, year two at diploma level. The course is divided into four 'fields' of work and is subject to continuous assessment rather than formal examinations. The four fields are:

  • Personal Growth and Spiritual Development
  • Biblical Studies, including biblical interpretation and Old and New Testament studies
  • Ministry and Mission, including pastoral ministry, management and communication skills, and mission studies
  • Faith and Practice, including Salvationist doctrine, Church and Salvation Army history, and contemporary society and Christian ethics
  • Training culminates in commissioning and ordination as a Salvation Army officer, usually with the rank of Lieutenant, which also makes you an accredited minister of religion.

Officership is a lifelong commitment and needs to be undertaken after deep thought and prayer. Only if you have a genuine love for people, a deeply-rooted faith and sense of personal mission, and have gained the relevant knowledge and skills, can you be appointed as a Salvation Army officer.