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Older people and our church

The Salvation Army is aware of the changing situation of the senior generation. Over-60 used to be regarded as old age and linked to retirement and bus passes. That is no longer the case.

 We are aware that there are third and fourth and even fifth ages relating to ability and dependency, health and personality. We try to bear this in mind when providing opportunities for older people to share together.

Your local church or centre may well provide a more sedentary morning or afternoon meeting where a speaker may be invited or where various hobbies and interests may be shared. There may also be more active groups such as walking groups or soft sports groups, carpet bowls, line dancing, keep fit. Check your ‘find a local church’ link which will allow you to access your local groups and to see what is on offer.

If you are a newly retired person with time and expertise on your hands and you are in a position to share your knowledge with others, why not volunteer to assist some of the activities already happening in your locality.

Connect is an invaluable resource for Home Leagues, Over-60 Clubs and CAMEO groups. Containing programmes and epilogues, it is published in two six-monthly issues.

Connect is also available on a CD which contains a colour version of all of the graphics shown in the book.




Adult and Family Ministries Song Book

The Adult and Family Ministries Song Book is available from SP&S and is mainly used by Home Leagues and Over-60 Clubs.

Large print version available from the AFM Unit.



Backing Tracks for the AFM Song Book

Contains 147 well-known Christian songs and choruses – some to secular tunes – and also prayers and Scripture readings.  It was recognised that many groups have no one to play music for them, therefore AFM and Music Ministries have produced a set of five CDs which has all the accompaniment required.