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Prayer Resources

‘One Thing’ is a three part teaching series on prayer. 

The second part of the series out now, entitled ‘One Thing for the church: Growing Prayer Together' and features 7 sessions on how we can grow in prayer together in communities of faith.

Please see below for a summary of each of the seven sessions. 

The study guide for all seven sessions is available for download as a PDF here 

Videos of all seven sessions are available to view here

Session 1 - The Ultimate Conversation 

Prayer isn’t just a private conversation between God and individuals, it’s also meant to be a conversation between God and his Church. In this session we explore the importance of gathering together to pray, and find out how to get started.

Session 2 - A Culture of Prayer 

Prayer wasn’t just an activity the early church occasionally made time for; it was woven into everything they did. In this session we look at their example, and explore how we can grow that kind of prayer culture in our churches today.

Session 3 - Praying as a Family

Throughout the Scriptures, God called his people to come together as family, to worship and pray together. In this session we explore how we can pray together as church family, no matter what our age, background or ability. How can we make sure everyone is included, every voice is heard and every prayer is valued.

Session 4 - The Power of Agreement

The Bible teaches that there is power in united prayer. In this session we examine some of that teaching, and we take a look at how standing together in agreeing prayer can change places and situations.

Session 5 - Prayer Warfare

If the prayer of agreement is powerful,then it stands to reason that it might meet some resistance. In this session we explore the tactics the enemy uses to disrupt and undermine prayer in our churches. How can we recognise them, and how can we overcome them?

Session 6 - Battle Stations 1 

A church is a community of all sorts of different people with all sorts of different personalities and gifts. Our prayer warfare is more effective when we understand which role in the prayer battle suits us best. In this session we discover more about the role of the intercessor.

Session 7 - Battle Stations 2

When we pray together as a church, how do we make sure we stay on track, following the leading of the Holy Spirit and fighting the battles God wants us to fight? In this session we explore some of the other tasks which need to be carried out if we’re to be effective in our warfare together. 

One Thing DVD

Each session includes teaching on a particular theme, with interspersed with opportunities for discussion and reflection.  

This DVD will introduce you to the fun and freedom of discovering your prayer personality and building your personal prayer rhythm.

Available to purchase for £12.99 from SP&S here