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Prayer Resources

‘One Thing’ is a three part teaching series on prayer. 

The first part of the series out now, entitled ‘One Thing for Us’ features 6 sessions on how to grow and deepen your personal prayer life. Please see below for a summary of each of the six sessions. 

The study guide for all six sessions is available for download as a PDF here. 

Videos of all six sessions are available to view here. 

Session 1 – Prayer and Personality

How does who you are shape the way you pray? The first way to bring prayer to life is to be yourself. This session helps you discover how to pray in a way that fits the personality God gave you.

Session 2 – Listening to God

Prayer is a two-way conversation with a God who loves to talk. This session explores some of the ways God speaks to us, and some of the ways we can get better at listening to him.

Session 3 – Prayer Rhythms

Is prayer part of your daily life, or is it more of an add-on extra when you need it? This session explores how we can build prayer into the rhythms of our lives.

Session 4 – Obstacles to Prayer (Part 1)

What stops you praying? Whether it’s external distractions like busyness, or internal struggles like unresolved hurt, it’s completely normal to encounter obstacles when you decide to go deeper in prayer. So how do you identify them and what do you do about them?

Session 5 – Obstacles to Prayer (Part 2)

Jesus was clear about the fact that we have an adversary who opposes the things of God’s Kingdom, including prayer. How does that opposition affect Christians who want to go deeper in their prayer lives? This session explores some of the enemy’s strategies for discouraging you when you pray.

Session 6 – Unanswered Prayer?

What is prayer, and does it work? This session uses Mark’s Gospel to explore the ‘what’, the ‘why’ and the ‘who’ of prayer, and aims to help you better understand the requests you make and the answers you receive.

One Thing DVD

Each session includes teaching on a particular theme, with interspersed with opportunities for discussion and reflection.  

This DVD will introduce you to the fun and freedom of discovering your prayer personality and building your personal prayer rhythm.

Available to purchase for £12.99 from SP&S here