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Press statement - Bedfordshire servitude convictions

The Salvation Army is contracted by the Ministry of Justice to support all victims of human trafficking in England and Wales, including the victims in this case.

 Major Anne Read, The Salvation Army’s Anti-Trafficking Response Co-ordinator, said: “The Salvation Army welcomes the convictions in this case. Human trafficking is modern day slavery and achieving justice for victims is vital in helping their recovery and preventing future crimes of this nature.

“The Salvation Army is contracted and funded by the Ministry of Justice and Home Office to work across the country in support of victims of trafficking and help them recover. Since July last year we have helped more than 380 people in this predicament, almost half of whom were men. The Salvation Army is committed to helping people suffering from all types of trafficking.”

1. Since July 2011, The Salvation Army has supported 227 women and 156 men in England and Wales. Currently, 70 woman and 65 men are being supported by The Salvation Army,and its partner organisations, in accommodation, 26 women and 4 men were receiving outreach support, and a further 13 victims receiving resettlement support. (figures updated: 04/07/12)

2. In delivering support to adult victims of human trafficking in England and Wales, 41 per cent of those supported were men.

Forty-five per cent of all victims supported were forced into sexual exploitation, 43 per cent were involved in labour exploitation and 8 per cent were trafficked into domestic servitude.

3. In contrast, a YouGov survey of English and Welsh adults carried out for The Salvation Army on public perceptions of human trafficking revealed that, on average, respondents thought 29% of all trafficked victims in England and Wales are male. (carried out in April 2012)

4. As the organisation which cares for all adult victims of human trafficking in England and Wales, our latest figures show forced labour is a serious problem in the UK.