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Rebuilding lives

Many of our lifehouses have specific education, training and employment programmes which are aimed at equipping the individual with the relevant skills and qualifications to find employment or to gain further external education. 

The courses have changed my life ... I’m planning to keep learning as much as I can

We offer life skills courses specifically catered to the needs and wants of vulnerable adults. Our Skills Programme gives them the chance to take part in meaningful activity and get accustomed to a structured day with strict times, as our residents have previously had very chaotic lifestyles and is vital in helping address the issues faced by homeless people and ensuring that they have the greatest chance of success upon leaving our centre.

Centres offer courses on a range of subjects which are especially beneficial to our residents and include: Budgeting; Independent Living; Literacy and Numeracy; Computer Skills; Lifestyle and Health; Nutrition; Healthy Relationships; Substance Misuse; Alcohol Awareness; Anger Management; Stress Management; and Interview Skills.