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Religious Education


Signs and Symbols

Explore Salvation Army signs and symbols - the crest and the flag.


Discovery Trail

Resources for younger pupils exploring a Salvation Army church.


Living with Promises 

Can you keep a promise? KS2 pupils have the opprtunity to explore this theme by looking at the promises and ceremonies of The Salvation Army. Pupils reflect on the link between the promise and Faith in Action.

Exploring William Booth NEW!Office presentation icon

Faith in Action. An RE/History lesson for KS2,  integrating the objective 'the impact of religious faith on a person' while doing a topic on the Victorians.

    William Booth and The Salvation Army NEW!

    Faith in Action. An Re/History lesson for KS2, exploring William Booth and  the beginnings of The Salvation Army. Based around three of William's speeches. This lesson has a selection of follow-up activities, including comparing what The Salvation Army did in the Victorian times to present day support.


    Resolving Conflict NEW!

      An RE lesson for KS2.This lesson challenges pupils to reflect on different ways to resolve conflict. Inspired by Romans 12:17-21


      Is the Christmas Story relevant today?

      This is a set of four Christmas posters created by The Salvation Army International. The images explore the idea that some of the difficulties faced 2,000 years ago by the people in the Christmas story are still affecting thousands of people today.This resource includes creative ideas for how the images could be used in RE and Humanities lessons.                                                                          



      A Modern Christmas - What if Jesus was born today?

      This is a set of three Christmas images created by The Salvation Army International. Inspire your pupils to explore the Christmas story with these three powerful images of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus in a modern setting.

      Use these vibrant engaging images as a quick starter to a lesson, a group discussion or the main focus of a lesson. What if Jesus was born today? How would the story change? Explore why Christians believe God sent his son to be with ordinary people. These images are easily adapted: for a range of age groups, a simple and fun look at a Modern Christmas, or for exploring the Christmas story in depth.


      Secondary School Resources

      Salvation Army Soldiership

      This resource helps pupils explore what it means to be a member of The Salvation Army through learning about what soldiership means to young members and through exploring what soldiers believe and do.  Pupils will reflect on how members of The Salvation Army express their Christian faith.



        To view our range of resources for 14- to 16-year-olds that explore moral and social issues and The Salvation Army's response to them take a look at the ISSUES page. Themes include Alcohol, Environment, Genetic Engineering, Poverty, Sexuality, Marriage and Work and all the lessons help pupils explore the biblical passages behind The Salvation Army's stance. 


        Faith Hope Love

        Faith Hope Love is an exciting set of resources for year 6 and secondary schools introducing The Salvation Army - who we are, what we believe and what we do. It includes posters, fold-out postcards for pupils, lesson ideas and other resources to help pupils reflect on the themes of faith, hope and love and their own identity.

        Key Stage 3

        Key Stage 4 Lesson


        This lesson is aimed at 14- to 16-year-olds and looks at what cyber-bullying is as well as exploring Christian responses to it.




        Post 16 resources 

        Catherine Booth and Women in Ministry

        A lesson aimed at 16- to 18-year-olds about Catherine Booth's arguments for women preaching and leading. The resources help pupils explore Bible passages and Catherine Booth's beliefs as expressed in her pamphlet Women's Right to Preach the Gospel. This lesson provides an opportunity for pupils to share their own opinions on this subject having reflecting on the texts.