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The Front Line

This 17-minute film is an introduction to The Salvation Army and its work in the UK and Ireland, with aspects of its worship, history and work overseas. The main part of the film focuses on putting faith into action through street work, hostels and addiction services.

DVD £5 (+ p&p)

Link for Schools

A DVD of short films taken from The Salvation Army's video magazine programme, LINK. Featuring homelessness, addictions, prison ministry and street work, with case studies and an insight into The Salvation Army's work and motivation.

DVD £7 (+ p & p)


Other Resources

Barnabas in Schools

Resources for primary school assemblies, classroom reflection, RE, values & cross-curricular work.


Resources for Christian visitors to schools, with assemblies, lesson plans, printed materials & more.

Pray for Schools

Encouraging Christians to pray for schools in their area.

Prayerspaces in schools

An initiative to set up prayer spaces for children of any or no faith, and to make prayer simple and accessible to children & young people in primary & secondary schools.


Encouraging people of all ages to consider questions of spirituality.

Resources 4 Schools

 A website for teachers to find a large selection of free resources.