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History resources to help when teaching primary school children about The Salvation Army's history.

Primary Victorian Resources  Primary Victorian Photo collection

William Booth

Secondary Victorian Resources

WW1 Primary Resources

WW1 Secondary Resources

Post 16 History Resources

William and Catherine Booth and the history of The Salvation Army.

Primary School Resources

The Salvation Army during Victorian Times

How Did The Salvation Army Begin? (KS2)

A presentation and script based around the early days of The Salvation Army and William Booth

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The Salvation Army - Past and Present 

An assembly exploring the past and present of The Salvation Army. What has changed and what has stayed the same? Perfect to support a school assembly during the 150th anniversary of The Salvation Army in 2015.

William and Catherine

New  resources exploring the lives and actions of the founders of The Salvation Army. Resources links with Religious Education and with the topic Victorians. 

Printed copies of the booklet and poster are also available


William and Catherine Booth and The Salvation Army NEW! (KS1 and older!)

A new presentation telling the story of William and Catherine Booth, and the beginning of The Salvation Army. The bright bold graphics will appeal to younger children, but is also suitable for older age groups too.

William Booth

Lessons exploring the co-founder of The Salvation Army. (KS2)

Exploring William Booth NEW!

A lesson exploring William Booth's life. Why did he devote his life to helping others? Investigate the key turning points in his life. Links with the learning objective 'impact of religious faith on a person.'

William Booth and The Salvation Army NEW!

What did The Salvation Army do to support people during the Victorian times? A lesson looking at the Faith in Action from the early days of The Salvation Army. This resource also explores some of William's quotes. 

Exploring Catherine Booth

Lessons exploring the co-founder of The Salvation Army. (KS2)

Lesson 1 Who was Catherine Booth? 

What did this Victorian lady do? Please note, a youtube clip to support this lesson will be available soon.

Lesson 2 Catherine Booth for today? 

Was Catherine a typical Victorian woman? Will learning about Catherine Booth inspire people today?

Additional Ideas

Victorian Photo Collection 

A history resource about the beginnings of The Salvation Army in Victorian Britain based on a series of photographs. Lesson activities and information accompany the images.



Fight for the Flag       

A story from The Salvation Army's early history about opposition and standing up for what you believe brought to life with vibrant illustrations. 


Secondary School Resources

William Booth and Victorian England                                                                                                                                                     

A PowerPoint presentation telling the story of William Booth and the start of The Salvation Army.


Fact files and accompanying discussion questions to help students learn more about influential Salvationists.


    The First World War

     WW1 Primary School Resources

    An exciting new teaching resource based on the First World War. If it's an assembly, a stand alone lesson, an indepth sequence of lessons, or just want to know more... look no further! 


    Children's Resources

    Early Years Resources

    KS1 Lesson

    KS2 Lesson

    KS2 series of lessons


    A fun and interactive assembly for Primary aged children, introducing some of the ways that The Salvation Army supported people during the First World War.


    Children's Resources

    Kids Fact Sheets

    What did The Salvation Army do? Find out here!

    Children's Edition of the War Cry

    Hold a bit of history in your hand! This resource is based on actual stories from the War Cry. Print it out A3 size and let children  read and learn at their own pace. There is an optional insert - A4 size which has more religious and serious themes. There are printed versions also available to order.

    Ambulance Game

    A fun, cooperative board game, teaching children about ambulances in WW1. How many soldiers can you help? Print out in A3.


    Early Years Resources

    Sensory Story

    An Early Years activity suitable for small groups

    Early Year Lesson

    KS1 Lesson

    KS2 Lesson

    KS2 Series of lessons

    This resources covers the humanitarian aid given to soldiers and sailors, abroad and in the UK.  Pupils discover in detail how and why The Salvation Army supported servicemen in a thought provoking yet fun and creative way. 

    A pupil booklet to accompany the series of lessons. This booklet is designed to help  pupils reflect independently on the themes of the lessons.  Please print in A3 and fold to A5 size. 

    Lesson 1

    Love your neighbour - UK Aid and Germany


     Lesson 2

    I was a Stranger and you Welcomed me  - Salvation Army huts

    Lesson 3

    Love in Action and in Truth  - Women's War Work and Ambulances

    Lesson 4

    Heart to God, Hand to man - Chaplains and What Next? 


    Secondary School Resources

    The Salvation Army in Britain

    The Salvation Army on the Front Line

    The Salvation Army and the Morality of War