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We offer a range of resources and lessons plans to explore a range of moral and social issues such as poverty, sexuality, marriage, human genetic engineering through to work and alcohol. These resources are linked to our positional statements and where we stand on these topics. The resources are ideal for 14 to 16 year olds studying for Religious Education qualifications or with youth groups and adults.

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Alcohol and The Salvation Army

Alcohol lesson plan

Alcohol plenary

Alcohol positional statement


Environment and The Salvation Army

Environment lesson plan

Bible teachings

Environment card sort

Environment factfiles


Gambling and The Salvation Army

Gambling lesson plan

Gambling opinions

Gambling positional statement

Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering and The Salvation Army

Genetic engineering lesson plan

Genetic engineering factfiles

Genetic engineering answer cards


Poverty and The Salvation Army

Poverty lesson plan

Poverty factfiles

Poverty opinions

Poverty exam questions


Work and The Salvation Army

Work bible passages

Work bible passages worksheet

Work factfiles

Work lesson plan