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Support with the basics

We offer guidance with benefit queries and support to identify and overcome barriers to work.

We can also provide additional support to find help for people with any addiction problems or housing or child-care issues.

Participants benefit from one-to-one support from job life coaches, enabling job life coaches to better understand the person’s whole character and guide them to the best further support or training opportunities for their needs. When this happens, participants can be empowered to overcome or work around obstacles they face, whether that is building up self-esteem, health issues or facing their addictions.

Barriers jobseekers face can be as simple as needing to improve communication skills, learning how to email or improving language proficiency. They could also include issues with transportation or be health-related or include more complex barriers.

Support is offered on a one-to-one basis should that be the best method for the participant, or in group sessions.