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Swan Lodge Lifehouse

Swan Lodge staff have really supported and encouraged me...

Swan Lodge Lifehouse, Sunderland, provides accommodation for a significant number of people who have alcohol problems and other complex needs, including mental health and substance misuse. Reducing the harm caused by alcohol and drugs is a key cross-government priority.

The latest government's alcohol strategy March 2012, set out goals and actions to promote sensible drinking and reduce the harm that alcohol can cause. Swan Lodge received a Health and Adult Services Grant until June 2014.There are seven customer outcomes, including: improved health and emotional well-being, improved quality of life, choice and control, making a positive contribution, freedom from discrimination, economic wellbeing and personal dignity.

The Customer Experience Model has been adopted by Health, Housing and Adult Services as a means to assess and improve quality, and deliver outcomes for clients with an emphasis on safeguarding, quality assurance, transparency and accountability. Supporting People undertake periodic client quality checks through tools defined within the Health and Adult Service review, including client views on the service.

A Residents view:

“I moved into the 65-bed centre after I became homeless when my mother died.” A 23 year old, who now has a full-time job and aspires to be a social worker said: “I was very shy and nervous when I came to Swan Lodge with very low self-esteem. I’d cared for my mum from the age of 12 and when she died last November, I became homeless as we lost our council house. Swan Lodge staff have really supported and encouraged me to have the determination and motivation to plan ahead for my life and get where I want to be. I’ve done lots of courses and voluntary work, got as full-time job for the first time in my life, and have enrolled in college and hope to go to university to become a social worker.”