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Training courses

Skills to increase employability in local facilities conducive to learning. 

People arrive as early as 8.20am but our appointments don’t start until 9am, so we must be doing something right!

Access to information and guidance on training opportunities to acquire new and improve existing skills and increase employability in local facilities conducive to learning

Employment Plus UK believes that qualifications and workplace training need to be tailored to the individual to provide the right set of skills for the job they are working towards. We offer skills assessment, skills updating and upgrading, access to education and training and e-learning opportunities. Working with partner organisations we provide suitable training, from general skills to more specific trades.

We help people gain nationally recognised qualifications and certificates and work closely with training providers, providing courses in specific areas. Utilising a motivational course provided by Goals UK, we enable participants to look to the goals they would like to achieve and how they can achieve them. Additionally, it can help them identify some of the barriers they have not addressed or have avoided addressing.

  • A broad range of courses available via e-learning
  • Accredited employability courses
  • A range of job search interventions and help to undertake these