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Trevor's story

Trevor was able to overcome his addictions and rebuild his life

Trevor came from a damaged and broken family. He was put into care at the age of seven, and from that time on he knew very little security or sense of belonging. When he was just a teenager, he started drinking heavily and taking drugs to blot out the emptiness of his life.

There were a few years when Trevor’s life was more stable. In his twenties, he got married and had three sons. But soon, due to his heavy drinking, his marriage fell apart and he was forced to leave the family home. Worse was still to come. Trevor lost his job and ended up living rough on the streets. Then one terrible day, he collapsed in agony and was rushed to the hospital, close to death. 

Trevor’s drinking and drug taking had severely damaged his liver. Luckily, he survived and was offered a place at a Salvation Army residential centre. From that moment on, his life began to change. Not only did Trevor receive medical treatment to help him overcome his addictions, but we gave him back his pride. With our help, he has overcome his problems and is now hoping to move into his own flat and train as a social worker so that he can use his experiences to help others. But most importantly, Trevor’s back in contact with his three sons for the first time in seven years.

Trevor was able to overcome his addictions and rebuild his life.