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Trusts and Foundations

The Salvation Army simply wouldn’t be able to continue its work to the scale it does without support from charitable trusts. 

We have an amazingly diverse portfolio of projects, so by donating to The Salvation Army you can choose to support a particular area of the country, a specific project or you can allow us to use the donation where we feel it is needed the most.  

We have over 126 centres spread across the whole of the UK each providing a range of services which provide meals, beds and companionship for homeless and elderly people, food banks, debt advice services, safety for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking and diverse activities for deprived families, children and young people. We’d love you to see more of what we do.    

Find out more about just some of the many areas of our work that you can support here in the UK… 

  • At our Salvation Army centres, parents and children are able to thrive in a safe and supportive environment. Read more

Please, we need your support.  If you are a trustee or have links to a charitable trust, and you would like to make a difference to people in society who are vulnerable or suffering, then please do support the work of The Salvation Army to enable us to continue to do so.  

Your donation is invaluable to us but we understand how important it is to you too.  With this in mind we like to keep our donors informed regularly of the impact their donation has made on a programme, centre or project.  We also encourage as many of our funders as possible to visit our work to be able to see the life-changing work that our volunteers and dedicated staff are achieving, as words on paper can scarcely do justice to the passion of our staff and the impact on our beneficiaries.

Please contact the Trust Fundraising Unit to find out more information about any of the work that we do.  We’d love to hear from you.

Tel: 0207 367 4815