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Ty Ogwyr Lifehouse

Here they provide help, support and reassurance...

Tŷ Ogwr in Bridgend In August 2013, The Salvation Army won a tender to providing housing-related support floating support in Bridgend South Wales, in partnership with Hafod Housing Association.

Tŷ Ogwr is a 16 bed Life providing self-contained accommodation for single vulnerable adults and a floating support service to service users within Bridgend County Borough. The building is owned by Hafod and The Salvation Army delivers the support, aimed at providing Temporal Accommodation for the local authority.

In its first year, the service has achieved high outcomes in all key areas. In addition, we are about to open a Community House as move-on accommodation from Tŷ Ogwr, with support from Bridgend local authority.

Residents view:

“You live a ‘normal’ life doing the ‘normal’ thing day after day month after month year after year then WHAM!!

Something goes wrong and it all comes tumbling down. The causes and the reasons are usually many but not important. It is the result, homelessness, accompanied by the scars of the ‘normal’ life that can leave a person shell. A shell that you may see sitting or lying listlessly on a street corner near you. Burnt out by their experiences.

Not the lazy good for nothing scrounger as you may think. Some may play the system, most do not.

Someone who has stopped knowing where to go and how to get there. Cut adrift, they have lost interest in themselves.

Why then, it follows, should anyone else care?

However these people may still have something to offer. It may no be genius. But who can say their potential contribution, however small, may not be of value? Be it as a father, a son or a brother who has just lost their way. For now.

The Salvation Army through establishments such as Tŷ Ogwr, recognize this. They provide a safe haven where the lost can attempt to re-find themselves.

Here they provide help, support and reassurance so that these people can, once again, establish a sense of self-worth and belonging in the wider community.

Not everyone maybe a regal phoenix, but everyone deserves a chance to rise from the ashes.”