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‘Work for All’ was a slogan of our founder William Booth.  The Salvation Army continues to promote employment as one of the best ways for people to help themselves and achieve their full potential. 


Our Employment Plus UK department helps people overcome the barriers they face in getting a job.  This is done both by delivering government programmes and by community initiatives and social enterprises.

At present Employment Plus run government programmes such as the ‘Work Programme’ and ‘Work Choice’.  We also hope to take part in the Work and Health Programme currently being set up.  A key aspect of our ethos as a provider is to provide support for all participants, not just the easiest to help or those with the least barriers to employment.

We operate over 70 Employment Plus Local Centres for community-based support, with new centres opening on a regular basis. Akin to work clubs, these are initiatives led by our church and community centres where jobseekers can get information and guidance in a supportive environment. We also run a number of social enterprises to help those who have fallen on difficult times acquire skills, build self-confidence and get them job ready.

The Public Affairs Unit represents job seekers using our services in different levels of government, by striving to achieve a more tailored approach to employment support and one that is independent of benefit entitlements. We are pushing for a stronger focus on holistic support that draws together a wide range of local services alongside employment support and a fairer system of welfare benefit conditionality that reflects the real-life challenges faced by claimants.

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