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Virtual Choir

Take part in our virtual choir to help celebrate our 40th birthday in 2020

How to get involved

We invite all choirs and singing groups to join us in a performance of Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord (Battle Hymn of the Republic).

We are forming a virtual choir where all choirs can participate and join in with the ISS in an epic performance of this song in our 40th anniversary year. However, for that to happen we will require you to follow some guides so that we are all singing at the same speed and at the same pitch.

Watch this video from Richard Phillips for more details - or scroll down to read the details below.

Step one: download the music from this site

The music is not copyrighted so you can freely copy it as many times as you like. The arrangement is fairly straightforward and, hopefully, not too difficult for most groups. If you are finding it tricky to read the parts exactly then it doesn't matter if you all sing the tune in unison where all voices are singing. Where it is indicated that either 'women' or 'men' are singing alone, please respect these directions. 

However, it is very important that we all sing at the same speed and all sing at the same pitch! 

Step two: Lets talk about the speed.

The metronome mark for this song is marked at 84 beats per minute. We must ALL record this exactly at this speed. This means that the conductor must have a metronome set at 84bpm and have this playing in their ear throughout the duration of the song. If you do not have a metronome then use this video below of Richard Phillips conducting at the correct speed, which you can use during your recording.

This video is also available to view on our YouTube channel:

You can also use the mp3 click track that is on this page.

Step three: We must all sing the song at the correct pitch.

This is going to be a little more challenging as we need this to be sung without any accompaniment (accapella).

Because this song has four verses with two change of keys, we suggest you record each verse and chorus separately. Stop the recording after each chorus, re-centre the pitch if you have to, then record the next verse and so on. We can edit the four verses together to complete the performance.

If you have only time to record a couple of verses then please select verse 1, 2 or 3 but always include the last verse. We would like to feature smaller numbers of singers in the first three verses but include everyone in the final verse. Just make sure you sing in the correct pitch and the correct speed. If you have an electric piano this instrument could play the vocal parts at a very low level so as not to be picked up in the recording. 

Finally the very last note should be held for 12 beats and off on the 13th.

Step four: How to send us your recording

Your recording should be formatted as an MP4 and, if using a mobile device, should be recorded in landscape NOT portrait.

The deadline for all of this is 30th November which will then give World of Sound just over a month to put this all together. Please don’t leave it to November to complete! A nice even flow over the next five months would be great.

Email your MP4 file to the ISS at (you may want to use WeTransfer, or an equivalent free online email delivery system, if you are sending large files).

We look forward to receiving your recordings. God bless you all!


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