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Vivian and Martin

Vivian and Martin are brother and sister. Unfortunately they lost touch with each other over twenty years ago.

Within only four weeks of searching The Salvation Army had tracked down Martin.

Vivian remarried and moved house around the same time that Martin also changed address.  Although Vivian remained in contact with Martin's children, in particular his daughter, he and his children had been estranged for many years following several failed marriages and so there were no links to help Vivian track down her brother. 

When Vivian turned sixty, having by then lost both her parents, she felt the lack of her brother in her life more keenly and even began to wonder if he was still alive. Although she had a happy family life with a daughter of her own, three stepsons and eight grandchildren, Vivian’s husband David could see that she would be more content if she could find her only brother. He persuaded her to start looking but she didn’t have much success until she came across The Salvation Army’s Family Tracing Service. 

Within only four weeks of searching The Salvation Army had tracked down Martin, now living in Sheringham, Norfolk, a long way from Vivian in the West Midlands and not somewhere she would have thought of looking for him. The siblings have now been reunited and enjoyed several days together recently when Vivian and her husband travelled to Norfolk to stay with Martin. 

While rebuilding her relationship with her brother, Vivian faced the tricky dilemma of speaking to her niece about her father Martin. Martin and his children had never had a great relationship as he had not been around much when they were growing up; however, thanks to Vivian and Martin’s reunion, Vivian's niece now wants know her father again and is planning to introduce him to his ten-year-old grandson. Mother and son are taking things very slowly, but are in regular contact now via Facebook and email.

This unexpected family reunion is particularly cherished by Martin, who had a life-threatening heart attack a few years ago which has brought home to him how precious time with loved ones can be.  


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