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Witham Lodge Lifehouse

Witham Lodge offers self-catering temporary accommodation for 50 people experiencing homelessness across three buildings in Skegness, Lincolnshire. We provide up to three months support for clients with no local connection to East Lindsey District Council and up to six months support for clients with a local connection. The Lifehouse aims to provide safe and secure accommodation in a supportive environment for single people that have experienced homelessness.

Lifehouse staff work closely with other professional agencies such as Addaction, primary health care services and the Job Centre + offering a wide-range of support and help to encourage individuals to tackle the root causes of their homelessness. We help residents’ access services and support that they may struggle to access on their own, for example, transport and medical care.

Our residents are able to volunteer five times a week with the Hope project (a project started by The Salvation Army Skegness Lifehouse) as part of their work experience with the Job Centre. We are assisting vulnerable people and other established organisations in the community of Skegness on a variety of projects including decorating and gardening. The Hope project has also assisted with the eco project in Skegness, a farm helping adults with learning difficulties in Friskney. The Well-being team, that is part of the local district council and Waterloo Housing Association also partner in this work. Ex-residents continue to volunteer for the Hope project and local people have appreciated the help of our Lifehouse volunteers.