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Young People

Many prisoners with no accommodation or employment will be placed in our lifehouses where they are given a safe environment to live.

I know it is a place I can always rely on, I will always feel safe there.

We have a number of services specifically aimed at young people. The services are mainly designed to engage with people from aged 16- 25, with the exception Lefroy House in Dublin which works with people from 14 years of age.

Working in a person centred way, the staff work alongside the young people to meet immediate need and also seek to address any employment or relationship issues the individual may have. The key difference between our young people services and our mainstream support is the flexibility of the service. Whilst all of our services seek to be as flexible as possible with residents, the young people services require flexibility to meet the needs of young people and to understand the barriers they may be facing.

Kings Ripton Court in Huntingdon has an excellent engagement programme with residents actively involved in the running of the service including the recruitment of staff. The young people are treated with dignity and respect and are encouraged to rebuild relationships with their parents and family. The person centred approach allows residents to engage in support in a relaxed and accessible manner and they feel more in control of their support as a result. This balanced and equal relationship empowers and encourages the individual to address support needs now, with a clear plan for future achievements.

Springfield Lodge in Camberwell, London is another of our Young People’s services. Support is provided to meet the medium and high short term housing related needs of 35 Young People (both male & female) with a connection to Southwark who are affected by homelessness. Users of the service to range from 16 - 21 years old however the majority of which are predominantly 16/17 year olds with high support needs.

In the existing five bungalows at the rear of the main hostel unit, support is provided to meet the low short term housing related needs of Young People. The service operates 24 hrs per day/7 days per week (with waking night cover). The service is in line with the London Borough of Lewisham and Southwark Council Framework for Supporting People Services and provides the support service as outlined in the Framework Agreement ‘Core Specification’ and the ‘Supplementary Service Specification’ for accommodation based support services for Young Persons’ covering:

  • Young People at Risk
  • Young People at leaving care
  • Young People at risk of re-offending
Springfield Lodge offers a degree of personalisation in relation to the delivery of the overall bank of hours by offering the young people choice of Keyworker and the amount of support hours they receive via regular Keyworking, support planning and goal setting.