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Here you'll discover compelling spiritual resources for younger people...

Cell Outlines

We hope and pray that as you and your group use this material you will learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how that can impact and influence every area of your life. Don't forget to click on our 2017-2018 series in the link below. For earlier series materials, feel free to get in touch.


A guide full of tips and advice to help you get stuck into reading the Bible. You can also find regular Bible Study notes on the Shelf Life pages too. Download Shelf Life

H2P4 Prayer

Click on the prayer guides below on a number of different subjects and get praying! ​ H2P4 MyselfH2P4 Our WorldH2P4 Your School ​H2P4 My Community   ​H2P4 Human Trafficking

We have three key resources for students and those that work with students. 

Salvo Students -This is a resource for all young people heading off to university. It helps to unpack some of the excitements and challenges that university life will present

Salvo Students Discussion Guide - This resource provides the outlines for a series of sessions that will help to prepare young people for university life. For a copy please email us.

Student Work Provision - This is a resource for churches that are looking at starting or enhancing their student work

Moving up

If you are a youth/children's leader and have young people in your youth group moving up to secondary school then please download our leaders guide that will hopefully help you to lead them through these next few weeks and months.  Moving Up   ​Moving Up! Leader's Guide


Our Gifts Leader's Guide and Youth Workbooks will enable you to help your young people discover, explore and use their Spiritual gifts. 

Made To Be project is for girls aged 12+