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Mini Missions

What are Mini Missions?

Mini Missions are a series of short downloadable interactive sessions designed for Reception and Key Stage 1 children. With an emphasis on helping and caring, they provide an introduction to the work of The Salvation Army in the local community.

A range of activities

Each mission can be used on its own, or a number of missions can be used together over the course of a morning or afternoon. The children, with the help of adult leaders, are given opportunities to explore and respond through role play, games, storytelling, creative sessions and music. The sessions are easily adaptable for younger or older children. Mini Missions cover a range of Foundation Stage areas of learning including Knowledge and Understanding of The World, PSHE, Communication, Language and Literacy and Creative Development. They also fit into the Key Stage1 Religious Education, PSHE and Citizenship curriculum and would work especially well as part of a People who Help us topic.

Curriculum links

Through the missions the children are introduced to the story of William and Catherine Booth and learn how members of The Salvation Army continue to help and care for people today. The children are encouraged to think about the people who care for them and to reflect on how they can help and care for one another.

The Story Zone

About the Story Zone

This zone tells the story The Salvation Army's beginnings, founded by General William Booth and his wife Catherine.

It includes a theatre, available to download from this page, or as a limited edition cardboard construct. Contact us for details and how to order etc.

Cut outs from the story are also available to download for the children to make as an activity.


  • Cut out Victorian Street
  • Mini Missions PPT
  • Story Script
  • Cut out Mission Hall