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Upbeat is a preventative resource to help boys aged 13-16 develop a healthier approach to their emotional wellbeing.

The 6-session course, which features hard-hitting video content and music playlists, group discussion, creative activities and (optional) spiritual reflections, will give young men a toolkit to take care of their emotional wellbeing, helping them engage in honest conversations and spot signs in themselves and their friends when things aren’t going well.

Buy it from the Youthscape store or your Divisional Youth Specialist, or read on if you already have a copy. 


The Films


View specific discussion questions for each of the films on the ISSUU shelf below.

Download the videos to view without an internet connection.

Please note that while you are free to download the videos, you are not permitted to upload them elsewhere, including any other Salvation Army websites or social platforms.


The Music

The featured artist on each session video has curated a  playlist on Spotify of six songs that positively impact their emotional wellbeing. Link to these below. Follow the user (Upbeat) for quicker access to the other playlists.

Track 01 | Track 02 | Track 03 | Track 04 | Track 05 | Track 06


The Session Resources

All session resources referenced in the Upbeat book can be downloaded and printed from our ISSUU stack.

Don't have the Upbeat book? Buy it from the Youthscape store.

Related Resources

You may find Youthscape’s Shuffle: Mindset Edition game to be a useful addition to the resources we’ve provided as part of the Upbeat course. Find out more or buy