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Vision and Commitment Sunday 2020 Resources

The Vision and Commitment Focus 2020 (Sunday 5 January) is Infinitely More based on Ephesians 3:14-21 and Colossians 3:1-3.

Let’s encourage people to grasp more clearly Christ’s limitless love and commitment to us. How can we encounter him afresh – seeking him in the places, people or circumstances that we perhaps never imagined.

The theme can be explored over four weeks: Infinitely More, Everlasting Love, Spacious Love and Deep Love

Each week includes: sermon ideas, prayers, worship and mission ideas and questions for small groups.

Additional resources include: Children and youth sessions, poster, PowerPoint slides and a video.


Word documents: The resources are also available to download in Word.

Children's Series *NEW*

Follow on sessions for youth groups can also be found as part of the January 2020 youth cell outlines.

Video: This video is a call to worship and a challenge on the theme

Download the video

We would like to thank Lyndall Bywater,  Sergei Grinsted, Lauren Elliott, Bruce Tulloch, Nat Gillett and Fruitmedia for their contributions.

If you would like any assistance with any of these resources please call the Resource Hub on 020 7367 4706 or email