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About us - In the Republic of Ireland

The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian church and registered charity. The Salvation Army in the Republic of Ireland is part of the wider international Salvation Army, which is at work in 131 countries, demonstrating Christian principles through practical support; offering unconditional friendship, and very practical help to people of all ages, backgrounds and needs. 

In Dublin the Salvation Army operates four residential centres (Lifehouses) helping people of all ages overcome the challenges of homelessness. The Salvation Army also has two community churches, one on the North and one on the South side of the city. Our message is based on the Bible; our motivation is the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, which can transform people’s lives and change them for the better. We believe that people consist of body, mind and soul, which means that they have both social, physical and spiritual needs. 

Our services are offered unconditionally to people of all faiths and none. Inspired by our faith, we help individuals to develop and grow in their personal relationship with God and engage in a programme of practical action to serve the community, to help those who are suffering and in need, and to speak out against social injustice.